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SAP Jobs in Australia may be posted here.

SAP Network

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SAP Jobs/Positions (Middle East)

SAP Jobs in Middle East may be posted here.


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SAP Jobs/Positions (US)

SAP Jobs in US may be posted here.


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SAP Jobs/Positions (Europe)

SAP Jobs in Europe may be posted here.


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SAP Jobs/Positions (Asia)

SAP Jobs in Asia may be posted here.


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SAP Students and professional that would like to move into SAP

I often get asked by several people “How can I get into SAP?

Although it is not an easy industry to get into as employers often require people who have hands on SAP experience but the challenge may be with getting that first job to get that first hands on experience.

However, my advise would be that it would defiantly help having some Consulting or ERP experience, it would also help doing some SAP courses or getting some SAP Certifications. You can also focus on searching for entry level positions or some roles like Support or Testing that maylist SAP experience as a good to have rather then an essential skill, or at least trying to work for a company that runs SAP as an SAP User.

It is also always good to network with other SAP professionals (Consultants or Recruiters) as they may be able to advise you with any openings they hear about.

So feel free to:

  • Join the LinkedIn SAP Network Group
  • Connect with Ehab Elagaty directly through his LinkedIn profile or
  • Connect with other top SAP Networkers through and Advanced search in your country or globally like those that would appear on this advanced search
  • Leave a Comment below with your details so that others looking for someone like you may find you, please list enough details about you such as (Name, current role, profile, education, country/city, online CV, email, skype, summary)

Wishing you all the best


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SAP Consultants / Trainers / Testers / Users / Candidates

If you are an SAP Candidate, then you may like to post your details (Modules, Years of Exp, Country, Profile, Link for online CV, Summary, Name, Email, … ) in the comments for recruiters to find you.

and here are my details for example

SAP HR – 2 Years – Australia
Looking for Mid level (SAP HR / Testing / Training / Support / Data Analyst / Sales / Recruitment) roles
Ehab Elagaty

SAP Recruiter & Clients may post in the SAP Recruiters section or may send their Vacancies / Requirements at: including [Position Vacant, Years, Country/City] in the Subject

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SAP Recruiters/Clients Details

If you are an SAP Recruiter or if you do a lot of SAP Recruitment, then feel free to add your details in the comments (Name, Company, website, profile, email, …) for candidates to contact you, i.e:

Jobs & Positions should NOT be posted here, but may be posted instead under the SAP Jobs/Positions section

Ehab Elagaty
ERP Systems

SAP Consultants & Candidates may post in the SAP Candidates section or send their CV’s at: including
[SAPModule, # Years, Location] in the Subject

Note: I am not a recruiter but I do get recruiters asking me if I know of suitable consultants.

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SAP Groups / Links / Profiles

SAP Groups
SAP Network Click here to display this logo on your LinkedIn Profile
ERP Systems (SAP Network) LinkedIn Group: or

Did you know that the SAP Network group on LinkedIn has now reached over 7,500+ members.

I wanted to thank my friend Wouter Van for putting together the list of SAP groups on Linked / Plaxo / Yahoo / Ning listed in the email below and invite you all to connect with me and him directly from our LinkedIn profiles:

Here are a few ways of how you can grow you own SAP Network using LinkedIn:

1. Connect with other active SAP Professionals

Besides connecting with the ones you know you can search for other active SAP people (in your location, or worldwide) on LinkedIn using the Advanced Search and sort them by (Keywork or Number of connections)

Click here to see the advanced search

The numbers next to profiles will indicate if the person is directly connected with you (1) or how many degrees away are they from you (2)(3)

The numbers next to the connections icon indicates how many connections the person has. ( ) 468 ( 500+ is the maximam displayed)

Below are the profiles for some of the most active SAP people on LinkedIn:

Ehab Elagaty
Wouter van Heddeghem
Andy Waroma
Steven Krueger
Denny Mathews
Ajit Prasad
Denis Grenier
Ivan Levashov
Jasper Van Giessen

2. Join Other SAP Groups on LinkedIn / Plaxo / Yahoo / Google / Ning listed on:

· Wouter’s email below

· My profile and

More LinkedIn Links / Tips / Groups are listed on LinkedIn Fans Blog Spot

Please let me know if there are any other interesting SAP Groups / Links

Feel free to share this email with any other SAP professionals you know and invite them to connect with me, join the SAP Network Group or check the SAP Network Word Press:


From: Wouter van Heddeghem
Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 9:34 PM
To: Wouter van Heddeghem
Subject: Connect with SAP consultants !

Connect with SAP Consultants!
SAP Groups on LinkedIn, Plaxo and Yahoo

Share your knowledge with other SAP Consultants, find contractors for your projects, discover expert consultancies in your SAP area, get in touch with permanent people to join your SAP departments. Get back in touch with people you have worked with previously. Find your next job or project

One way to do this is to join groups on the new social networks such as Linkedin, Plaxo, Yahoo and Ning. You can click on the links to join. You might have to press CTRL and click. You can also copy the link into your browser. If there is no link please log into Linkedin, go to my profile and click on the icons. You can then click on a button called “Join this group”.

If you have any questions please contact me by phone or email.

Wouter van Heddeghem
Certified SAP FI/CO Consultant

+31-6-24650502 Dutch Mobile
+41-795529384 Swiss Mobile

Please link with me on Linkedin, Xing and Viadeo Networks

LinkedIn SAP Groups March 2008

Bulgarian Speaking SAP Consultants

Danish Speaking SAP Consultants

Dutch Speaking SAP Consultants

French Speaking SAP Consultants

Polish SAP Club

Portugese Speaking SAP Consultants

Romanian Speaking SAP Consultants

Russian Speaking SAP Consultants

Spanish Speaking SAP Consultants

SAP Freelancers

International Sap Projects

The SAP India Club

European SAP Consultants

ERP Systems (SAP Network)

SAP Security Group

SAP Middle East Network

SAP People Forum

SAP Certified Consultant

SAP Community

SAP Lounge No link found

SAP Practices No link found

SAP Professionals (Globally) No link found

SAP Projects No link found

SAP TIDE No link found

SAP-ESOA No link found

SAPites No link found

Plaxo SAP Groups

Dutch Speaking SAP Consultants


SAP Basis:



SAP e-recruiting:



SAP HR Consultants:


SAP NetWeaver Portal:

SAP Network:

SAP Professionals:

SAP Recruiters:

SAP Solution Manager:

SAP Technology:

SAP Web Dynpro for ABAP:

The SAP India Club:

SAP (Shesagiri Gedila): no link found, join via Plaxo Groups

SAP (Anthony Rothengatter): no link found, join via Plaxo Groups

SAP France: no link found, join via Plaxo Groups


S    SAPNetwork_Australia Yahoo Group: SAPNetwork_International Yahoo Group:
SAPNetwork_MiddleEast Yahoo Group:
SAP-Egypt Yahoo Group:
SAP Certified Consultant Yahoo Group:

Other SAP Related Websites SAP Consultant Magazine SAP FI/CO Jobsite SAP SD/MM Jobiste SAP Financials Forum Q&A SAP Links


SAP International SAP Projects @ Network (588 Members)

This is a Web 2.0 community including job posting, videos, member photos and more.

Please email me ( if would like to receive an invitation to join this International SAP Projects Network.


Enjoy these SAP links !

Kind regards,

Wouter van Heddeghem
Certified SAP FI/CO Consultant

Independent Contractor
Gallia Consulting
Gevers Deynootplein 205
2586 CT The Hague
The Netherlands
+31-6-24650502 Dutch Mobile
+41-795529384 Swiss Mobile


Ehab Elagaty
SAP Consultant
Skype/GTalk: ehabelagaty
Quick Invitation Link:
Feel free to view my LinkedIn Profile (SAPNetwork) and JOIN my LinkedIn Network

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Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Offered on-line in 2008 @ Victoria University

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) are responsible for recording all business transactions within large companies. Professionals with the appropriate skill set are used to implement and maintain these types of systems. SAP, the market leader in ERP systems, formed a strategic partnership with Victoria University in 1998. This has enabled the University to incorporate SAP R/3 into its curriculum.

Four units from the Master of Business in ERP Systems will be offered on-line in 2008. Students who successfully complete the four units will be eligible to exit with a Graduate Certificate in ERP Systems.

BCO6603 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems This unit allows students to develop an appreciation of the impact of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems on businesses and to understand the issues involved in the design, implementation and maintenance of these systems. Students also develop practical skills in the use of SAP R/3 as an example of an Enterprise Resource Planning System.
Topics: Introduction to ERP’s; SAP: The company and products; Production Planning; Materials Management; Sales and Distribution; Accounting and ERP; Human Resources; Project Management; Reporting Systems; Administration; ERP Implementation; ERP Future Trends.
Assessment: Internal assessment comprising a combination of assignments and class test, 100%.

BCO5501 Business Process EngineeringThis unit examines the strategic and organisational issues of process and workflow management and the use of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) to realise efficient processes. The unit describes the major strategic approaches, process modelling techniques, procedure models and the current possibilities offered by SAP R/3 as an example of ERPs software that students are likely to encounter in identifying, reorganising and implementing processes in a typical business organisation.
Topics: Business Process Engineering; Modelling conventions in SAP R/3; Event Process Chains; Business Object Models; The R/3 Reference Model; Organisational Structures in SAP; Value Chains & Scenarios; ARIS; Workflow principles; Workflow Management in SAP; SAP Workflow Development procedures & Tools; Custom Vs Standard Software; Function Vs Process Orientation; Project Management; Business Collaboration, XML, & Workflow.
Assessment: Assignments x 2, 50%; Major Assignment, 50%.

BCO5647 Applications Programming TechniquesThis unit provides substantial coverage of modern programming techniques within a commercial application environment using SAP’s ABAP language. The unit delivers an induction into the use of the ABAP Development Workbench facilitating the development of client/server business reporting applications.
Topics: SAP system architecture; ABAP Development Workbench Tools; Data structures; ABAP Dictionary; ABAP Open SQL; Logical databases; Selection criteria options; Internal Tables (Basic and Advanced); Function modules and subroutines; List formatting and printing; Interactive reporting; Introduction to transaction (dialog) programming; SAP Query and QuickViewer; ABAP Objects; ALV Grid Control.
Assessment: Assignments, 40%; Exams, 60%

BCO5502 Client Server TechnologyThis unit considers client server concepts in relation to ERP systems. The unit examines the design, implementation and maintenance issues of such technology using SAP R/3 as the model.
Topics: Overview of Client Server Tiered Systems ; SAP R/3 Architecture: Work Processes and Application Server Types and Requirements; Configuration of the R/3 environment; CCMS Configuration; Background scheduling, priority spooling; Review of Services and Protocols; Transaction Processing/Dialog Processing; Software Logistics; System Monitoring; R/3 Authorisations; Transport System; Data Archiving and Disaster Recovery.
Assessment: Assignment 1, 25%; Examination, 50%; Assignment 2, 25%

All subjects integrate significant hands-on use of SAP. Students will be provided with remote access to our SAP servers via the internet. It is recommended that students have broadband internet access.

Fees Fees are $1,584 AUD per unit for Australian citizens/permanent residents or $2,100 AUD per unit for international students. Note the Australian Government’s student loan scheme FEE-HELP is available to Australian citizens.

Professional Recognition The course has been developed in close liaison with industry. On successful completion of each unit students can receive a certificate jointly issued by Victoria University and SAP.

Admission Requirements You should have completed a relevant degree or graduate diploma in business or IT. Other undergraduate degrees will be considered. In the absence of formal qualifications, training and work experience indicating your ability to undertake the course may be considered.

In addition to satisfying the entry requirements for Australian resident students or demonstrating equivalence, overseas students must provide evidence of proficiency in the English language:

International English Language Testing System—overall band score of 6.5+ subject to individual profile.

Overseas students who have completed their first degree in English or have English as their first language will be exempt from the above language requirements.

Delivery Schedule Unit delivery will combine live broadcasts and demonstrations, and downloadable materials. Students will be given 24/7 access to SAP. It is recommended that students have broadband internet access.

BCO6603 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems April 2008
BCO5647 Applications Programming Techniques August 2008
BCO5502 Client Server Technology November 2008
BCO5501 Business Process Engineering February 2009

Application Form To express an interest in undertaking one or more of these on-line ERP units please complete the form linked to this page. You will need to provide us with relevant information so that we can access your suitability to undertake the program.

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